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Nimbis partners with DoD Labs, the Defense Industrial Base, and Program Offices to accelerate technology transition and advance capabilities.

The Key to Transition Acceleration Is Virtual Testing & Evaluation

Advanced Virtual Testing and Evaluation provides iterative feedback regarding the suitability of technologies to mission applications, reducing near and long-term risk to Program Offices.

Nimbis' unique digital-twin capabilities for microelectronics, manufacturing, and aerospace technologies include radiation effects analysis, thermal analysis, electro-magnetic analysis, and hardware-software co-verification.

Our History

We have a long and established track record of working with partners while delivering value to the DoD.
2024 - 2022

Multiple Programs of Record use the emulation foundry for independent virtual verification and validation of electronic components using microelectronics digital twins.
National Defense Magazine

Accelerated digital twin independent verification and validation of DARPA DPRIVE fully homomorphic encryption chip designs prior to fabrication.

Circumvent & recovery testing for space applications using the emulation accelerated digital twin to emulate radiation effects by programmatically injecting faults ("bit flips") and observing device and software behavior prior to device fabrication.

2022 - 2020

Development of multi-physics accelerated digital twins of microelectronics that allow for virtual test and evaluation of components and the impact on the subsystem within their operating environment while running mission-optimized software.

Operate commercial logic emulation systems at AFRL DoD Supercomputing Resource Center for multi-tenant access from Trusted Silicon Stratus in ITAR and ATO domains.

Foundry data modeling and analysis quantifiable assurance experiments with radiation-hardened applications for MDA.

AI and machine learning to provide contract data and performer deliverables intelligence for MDA.

2020 - 2018

Trusted Silicon Stratus services available under GSA Schedule.

Trusted Silicon Stratus supported 800+ users, 300+ projects, 40+ engineering tools, and 150+ teams across DoD labs and contractors performing research design tapeouts, EDA tool research, and workforce development under the Trusted & Assured Microelectronics program, DARPA programs, and other DoD microelectronics activities.

DoD Advanced Technology Center and Pilot demonstrated collaborative secure design integration and tapeout across three DIBs with independent verification and validation by DoD labs on Trusted Silicon Stratus.

2018 - 2016

Trusted Silicon Stratus achieved an ATO with AFRL in 2017.

Started the silicon microelectronics design environment IDIQ with AFRL to transition and operate Trusted Silicon Stratus to support DoD Microelectronics research activities.

Hardened trusted microelectronics design environment and developed an integrated trusted design repository system with provenance and traceability of secure microelectronics designs.

Founding member of the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute, and the Digital Manufacturing & Design Innovation Institute sponsored by the DoE.
archives.gov CESMII

Developed the first smart manufacturing multi-physics digital twin platform and completed industrial scale pilot demonstrations for energy-intensive manufacturing processes sponsored by DOE.

2016 - 2014

Trusted Silicon Stratus supply chain risk management rapid innovation fund technology acceleration project sponsored by AFNWC to go from functional prototype to mature capability.

Smart Manufacturing Workflow Environment digital manufacturing ecosystem concept study funded by NIST.

Founding member of the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition.
15th Anniversary of Smart Manufacturing.pdf

2014 - 2012

Trusted Silicon Stratus requirements specification and ARL, NRL, AFRL lab pilot testing sponsored by AFRL, NAVSEA, SPAWAR, and TAPO.

Digital manufacturing software portal hosting, distribution, and brokerage service pilot at DARPA for DoD suppliers.

Supported AweSim advanced manufacturing application initiative to boost Ohio businesses thru modeling & simulation with Ohio Supercomputer Center funded by Ohio Third Frontier Commission.
Ohio Supercomputer Center AweSim

2012 - 2010

Founding member of the National Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Consortium. Core developer of HPC and cloud-based multi-physics digital engineering pilots under NDEMC.
NDEMC Final Report.pdf

Trusted Silicon Stratus feasibility studies sponsored by AFRL, NSWC Crane, and TAPO for analog, digital, and mixed signal designs in a secure cloud.
TSS Workshop Final Report.pdf

DARPA Software Portal Hosting, Distribution & Brokerage Service SBIR to broaden the use of digital analysis computing and model based simulation by tier 2-4 supply chain manufacturers.

2010 - 2008

Nimbis Services founded by Robert Graybill and Brian Schott to promote technical computing, digital engineering, and smart manufacturing in the U.S.

High Performance Computing Innovation Service Portal pilot study at DARPA for manufacturing modeling, simulation, and analysis by Tier-2+ DoD suppliers.
HPCISP Final Technical Report.pdf

Nimbis Services partners with the defense industrial base to advance new and existing capabilities.

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