Our Technologies

The Nimbis Trusted Stratus

Our digital-twin capabilities drive the full technology-transition lifecycle, from R&D to acquisition, maintenance, and sustainment.

With the Nimbis Trusted Stratus teams can reduce development time and costs, ensuring that capabilities can be rapidly delivered and deployed.

  • Testing devices incrementally against increasingly more complex and mission-relevant criteria.

  • Identifying problems early in the evaluation process and guiding technology development before prototype testing and evaluation commence.

  • Facilitating ongoing reevaluation of technologies against emergent threats and data from the field as part of a daily, automated testing cycle.

  • Evaluating multiple devices simultaneously across a broad spectrum of test criteria.

  • Collaborative R&D Design
  • Virtual Testing and Evaluation
  • Model-Based Engineering
  • Internal IC Vulnerability Analysis
  • Hardware-Software Co-Verification
  • Improved Risk Characterization
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