The Technology Transition Engine for U.S. ExcellenceAccelerating Technology Transition for U.S. Excellence in Microelectronics

Nimbis unlocks the rapid transition of mission-critical technologies from research and development to acquisition, maintenance, and sustainment for Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Defense.

A Trusted Partner

Since 2008, Nimbis has served as an established and trusted partner of government agencies and the Defense Industrial Base.

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Our Work

Proven Technologies

The Nimbis Trusted Stratus is a dual-use Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis (MS&A) platform. We have developed proven technologies that deliver important capabilities to our customers while accelerating the transition of microelectronics, manufacturing, and aerospace technologies.

  • Multi-level Cloud

    Operating across unclassified and classified applications from research and development to acquisition and sustainment
  • Advanced Digital-Twin Capabilities

    Supported by automated multi-physics workflows for virtual verification, validation, testing, and evaluation
  • Integrated Provenance and Traceability

    In full compliance with DoD data requirements throughout the entire microelectronics lifecycle
  • Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis

    Scalable computing to accelerate complex engineering analysis
  • Zero-Trust Architecture

    Enhanced cybersecurity frameworks provide resilience against evolving cyber threats across your devices, applications, assets, and services

Our 15 year track record of success is built on a collaborative approach both across our team and in our tech. Collaboration is not simply essential to achieving good outcomes, it is the key to speed and acceleration.

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Our Technologies

Established Expertise

Nimbis is a team of veteran technologists who deeply appreciate the requirements and risks associated with every phase of the technology-transition lifecycle.

Our knowledge and expertise proves us uniquely capable of supporting the rapidly evolving needs of the DoD and Defense Industrial Base.

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